Girls of the Ziegfeld Follies

Florence (Flo') Ziegfeld Jr. - Sometimes referred to as the man who loved women or Glorifier of the American woman was the son of Dr Florence Ziegfeld (President and Founder of the Chicago Musical College). Florence junior was a rather frail child and had no interest in studying music. Whether for health reasons or to save his parents embarrassment he was sent to a Wyoming cattle ranch. Away from parental control, the young Ziegfeld developed his flamboyant, independant style and a talent for shooting.
While visiting a Wild West show, he was able to out-shoot the legendary Annie Oakley. Buffalo Bill offered to hire him on the spot. Needless to say his parents weren't amused.

Jazz Age Beauty
Ziegfeld Girl - Muriel Finlay - A real Jazz Age Beauty

Muriel Finley - Once described as The Most Beautiful Blond in Hollywood.

Blue Velvet
Ziegfeld Girl N Pearls and Blue Velvet

Ziegfeld Girl in a rather thoughtful pose. Long strings of Pearls or beads were very popular jewellery additions to the flappers of the twenties and made perfect accessories to the straight cut dresses of the time. They seem to have regained their popularity in the mid naughties!


Ziegfeld Girl - Demure Bashful or Coy

Ziegfeld Girl looking rather coy

Ziegfeld Lady in Classic Art Deco Pose

Ziegfeld Lady against a classic Art Deco Background

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Blue Velvet
Jazz Age Beauty
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Ziegfeld Girls by Name

Adrienne Ames
Naomi Johnson
Peggy Shannon
Muriel Finley
Dorothy Flood
Cutter Sisters
Marjorie King
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